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These pages are about what lives on our place. We are trying to restore our bit of the Standing Brush as the really dense rainforest found in our valley was known by early settlers. Our place is down there in the mist, we call it Sassafras, in June 2010 it was proclaimed as the Sassafras Wildlife Refuge.

A new addition to this site is the weather at Sassafras, updated every 15 seconds, there are also charts of the last 24 hours.  We are using Cumulus software to process the info here and display it on the web.

My aim over time is to record those plants and animals that live on Sassafras at various stages of their life cycles, to show similarities and differences and anything else I might like to write about them. For now most of the photos are of plants (they don't run away), go to the PLANTS table and look for the links for each species (currently 198 but it will grow), eventually I will do the same for the birds, but I have just done the first of the animals.  A few months ago we bought an infrared camera, the animal count should increase, we have already seen something we didn't know was here, the Mountain Brushtail Possum.

Allied to that I want to create a resource to help people identify rainforest plants at different ages, not a botanical key, I'm just pointing out features I haven't seen highlighted except in text or perhaps photographed in a different perspective that stand out to me.

Sassafras is nestled in this valley, Mooral Creek,  below the Comboyne Plateau on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.                                                                
Mooral Creek in the mist.

The morning after a decent bit of rain though we do get mist most mornings.

The one building you can see is the Mooral Creek Hall.

Our home is down there in the mist along with the rest of Mooral Creek.

It's the kind of place where 3 cars in 10 minutes is peak hour.